Saturday, February 26, 2011

bread marathon Saturday....

Loaf one just out of the oven, perfectly blistered just the way I like it... crisp crust and smelling like heaven. This is the third batch of bread, I'm a bit obsessed with the same recipe, changing it, adding more water each time, I have yet to be disappointed. Doubling the recipe I get three boules and five little demi baguettes (for veggie meatball subs tonight!). Yesterday was a great day for mixing while we endured yet another snow storm - it was beautifully blustery and perfect around ten last night for shoveling and running in the snow with Finn.

When not in the kitchen mixing, I spent my time upstairs... here:
warm and quiet next to the fire. More bread pictures to come later as they emerge from the oven. Thank you Nancy Silverton! and cheers to a peaceful Saturday baking.

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