Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thoughts over coffee.

As I sit this morning with my coffee, snugged on the couch while the fire slowly takes off the chill from last nights frosty temps I have been a bit contemplative. Actually, I have been quite reflective all week. Could be the approaching solstice, short, cooler days, and finally taking a moment to breathe. Although I have another full day today, I am demanding my mind take this moment.

I just finished reading an essay of a friends on evolution and it has made me wonder just how I have (or have not) evolved over the course of my very short life. How I have adapted to my environments through choices I make or don't make and how I have complete power to go in any direction I wish. How is it we decide which direction that is? There are some of the theory of allowing the forces of the Universe to guide them fully, feeling it is all out of our control. Then there are people who make it happen for themselves. I have come to realize, as with many things in my life, I am pretty dead center - a bit of Universal luck along with a willingness to participate in the direction I am headed. Though having a destination in mind occasionally helps.

The last sips of coffee, I need a refill, the dog is whining and I have some catering to tend to. For now, I will focus on today and leave the Universe to do its thing.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

happy holidays...from S&M Market!

our band of misfits :)

stay tuned!!!

I haven't forgotten about ya... there are new things on the horizon that require my undivided attention which has left little time for blogging as of late. But please, keep checking in, more to come soon...