Thursday, May 26, 2011

ummm, yes please!

A week of non-stop-early morning to early morning working and we finally christened the new oven a couple of nights ago. Some Rocky Mountain Sage, a little Laphroaig, a few blessings, and some unbelievably supportive and loving friends, we lit a little fire to dry her out...

Today was my first market... and within two hours I was sold out. With many, many, many thanks to Andy, this new venture is being handed off to me. With great love and gratitude I move forward with The Uproot Pie Co.! (check out more pictures on Facebook!!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

also introducing....

Not only am I working to start the Uproot Pie Co. I have also teamed up with a local farmer and have started the Union Farmers' Market right on the common in the little village of Union! I have ten vendors signed up and ready to start at the end of May. If you live nearby we would love to have you stop by!!

Vendors include:

Whitefoot Farm

Terra Optima

Appleton Creamery

The Uproot Pie Co.

Guini Ridge Farm

I love Pie

Two Wise Women

Salamander Hollow

Fiddlehead Goods

Bud and Linda Bailey Farm

We are also very excited to have Paddy Mills playing at the first market on May 27th and Cinder Conk will be joining us later in June!! Stay tuned and check out The Union Farmers' Market Facebook page!