Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what a birthday

Upon waking on October 14th I saw this:
which didn't look altogether promising after sleeping out of doors (that's right folks... out of doors) the night prior and being awoken in the middle of the night by a truck, a train, a gate opening and closing and then three more diesel trucks waiting for the gate to be unlocked at dawn.
However, as the steam evaporated and Andy lit up his "camp stove" (there are air quotes around this because, to me, it seemed a bit dicey to be using this home made contraption), things were looking up.

(see what I mean by dicey?)
Between the tea and the sun coming up things were looking much better on the morning I turned 30

And we packed up the car and headed to Vermont for breakfast, leaving behind a beautiful morning in a VT state park somewhere off of 302.
Then we were onto Montreal where we ate ourselves silly and wandered the beautiful city streets. Being the hard core tourists that we were are, we even braved 50 mph winds and driving rains to make it to the Museum for Contemporary Art, however on our way home as Andy grabbed my sleeve just as the wind was about to send me down the Rue de St. Andre, we found ourselves in the doorway of the corner liquor store. This meant hot showers, dry clothes and hot toddies (and a movie and nap). By then we were ready to brave the rains again to find dinner.
Surviving a blustery Montreal and a nine hour drive home (thank you Moth radio)... we returned to a very excited dog and a comfy bed.

Early the next morn, I received a text "pick you up at 11..bring your hiking shoes." Not only did the gals pick me up for a hike..there were mimosas and apples and cheese to snack on once at the top of Beech Hill. These gals really know how to hike...

I must say this tops some of my best my birthday experiences....which says a lot considering they have been spent in Hawaii, New Zealand, France, Oregon, and North Carolina to name a few!
xo to all that made such a beautiful birthday week!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

a few pics from September

wrapping up the farm party spreading out the coals
Andy's set up for a well lit outdoor kitchen
breakfast out of the oven...

A finished frittata ... everything is better when cooked in this oven!