Friday, July 10, 2009

a weekend in paradise

Since Anna arrived, there has been no time to just chill, nope, not a single day... well, the day came to just chill on the fourth of July.  Julia (our boss and Sweets & Meats) gave us THREE days off to go and do as we pleased...there was no other option for me.  We packed up the car, loaded Finn and off we went to Deer Isle and OHHHHH, how beautiful it was.  We borrowed Josh's pop up camper, backed 'er in to my mom and dad's spot down there (right on the beach) and just enjoyed!  We had a such a great time following the newest addition to the Shepard family, Norah, around the beach, watching her eat lobster, and mingle with our rowdy crew.  She held her own!
I spent a bit of time on the beach reading (while Finn found the biggest stick possible that would fit in his mouth to be a nuisance with)....
but most of all....the best part was just chillin' with Anna (oh and Jack...he joined the party as well!)
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A new spin on the original...

Just a little reminder that I haven't forgotten about baking, in fact, I have been baking more than ever lately. . . things at Sweets & Meats Market are really getting into full swing from 6:30 on I do not stop creating fun treats for people to purchase at the store.  It's such a great space.  Anyone in the area that hasn't been in, it's a must!  I have been often finding myself quite content with my work.  Finding a little balance to life.  Hope you all had a happy and wonderful weekend!