Monday, July 26, 2010

another day in pictures

Life is such bliss when spent here:
I began my Sunday morning swinging in this hammock drinking my coffee
turns out, Sunday was Farm Day in we went to visit Andy's friend, Perry Elle, at Elle's Farm on our way to check out some tractors (clearly I was along for the ride).
if anyone knows what kind of flower this is, would love to's blooming and beautiful in the garden-farm.
ohhh, and did I mention we started digging for the oven.
think prep table!
I ended my day with a beer in the hammock with this view
and as I crossed the bridge to the island on my drive home Sunday night. For real.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday!

Monday, July 5, 2010

the fourth....

So I woke up and rolled out of bed at 7:30am and followed the dog outside. Thinking I would let him do his business and head straight back to the comfy place I came from. However, I ended up wandering into the garden and came across the raspberry bush...well...bushes...
and I started eating....
and eating....then, came to the strawberry patch and kept eating...
and eating. Then I went inside, started water to boil for coffee and grabbed a bowl to fill
the flowers were covered in morning was already 70 I was sure... warm enough to be wandering around barefoot in my pj's.
the sun shining on the garden was unbelievable.....
and the bumbles were buzzing everywhere collecting pollen from the beautiful flowers scattered amongst all the edible plants...
So that morning, what else was there to do but make french toast, accompanied with some pretty divine coffee and had breakfast on the porch (well, almost, this sun is a bit too hot for my hot blooded man)... but it was just as good inside the timber-frame.
That night we returned to the same porch and the same field after a quick trip to Portland for a potluck with Andy's friends and watched our own organic fireworks show as what seemed to be thousands of fireflies blinked their little lights on and off amongst the trees and field. It was so quiet and so beautiful all lit up with the fireflies own natural rhythms. Once again, another magical weekend in Maine!