Monday, June 28, 2010

an evening with sailors!

Sunday, after an emergency call into work, Andy and I set sail with Mr. Daniel Bennet, Marley, Rea, and Melissa for a gorgeous evening sail. Daniel, our seasoned sailor, took us for a little jaunt out past the breakwater into Penobscot Bay for a beautiful view of the Camden Hills.
Daniels boat that he has spent hours (upon hours, upon hours, upon hours refinishing)
the stove that boiled our water for tea on the ride home
but first we enjoyed some beer and snacks
Melissa, keeping warm on our journey home
beautiful Rea (first mate of course) enjoying the breeze
lovely Marley... Rea's momma getting us out of the harbor
and last but not least...our captain Daniel (Marley's man and Rea's poppa).

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. If I ever disappear it would be a pretty good guess that I have hijacked Daniel's boat and set sail for the horizon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is this really my life???

Breakfast with a friend this morn.... what a feast! Sitting in the sun with a perfect ocean breeze, this is how Ainslee and I began our morning after coffee #1 at the beach. It just doesn't seem possible sometimes. Good things in the works for the future which has encouraged me to settle into the cottage and make it more my own. More to come on that soon....welcome summer!

Monday, June 7, 2010

a weekend with my girl... and home again.

How inspiring it was to be with my beautiful it was that my girl and my boy were immediately in sync. How perfect the lazy weekend was in North Carolina. Oh, how HOT it was!!
Good thing we had a fan and Andy... (who the gentleman in the back is I can't quite remember). As always it was like we had been together all along. We sat and chatted over coffee about the near future, just like old times. It went by all to fast, as usual but she is taking the trek up here next month with a great new addition Suze!

Returning home, however wasn't too shabby... we returned to the warm weather of spring in Maine, to this house:
With a sign out front to tell us:
(Chard in fridge...just in case you can't see)

Which came from the garden/farm that is booming in Andy's back yard (thank you Nate):
oh... and lets not forget the peonies that are blooming:

and blooming:
Then off to Andy's family camp today to enjoy our day off... which has a view like this:
and peaks over rose bushes for that spectacular view:
oh and a little skipping of rocks (which, I might add...Andy is pretty amazing at...if there were a rock skipping competition today, he would have won). Good job Andy. Turns out the dog thought the rocks were a blast to chase and we actually had a moment of swimming (panicked as it may have been, all four paws were off the ground).
The boys played so so hard, they both fell asleep in the car while driving home. (Yes, I took this while driving...but eyes were on the road, I promise.)