Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thoughts over coffee.

As I sit this morning with my coffee, snugged on the couch while the fire slowly takes off the chill from last nights frosty temps I have been a bit contemplative. Actually, I have been quite reflective all week. Could be the approaching solstice, short, cooler days, and finally taking a moment to breathe. Although I have another full day today, I am demanding my mind take this moment.

I just finished reading an essay of a friends on evolution and it has made me wonder just how I have (or have not) evolved over the course of my very short life. How I have adapted to my environments through choices I make or don't make and how I have complete power to go in any direction I wish. How is it we decide which direction that is? There are some of the theory of allowing the forces of the Universe to guide them fully, feeling it is all out of our control. Then there are people who make it happen for themselves. I have come to realize, as with many things in my life, I am pretty dead center - a bit of Universal luck along with a willingness to participate in the direction I am headed. Though having a destination in mind occasionally helps.

The last sips of coffee, I need a refill, the dog is whining and I have some catering to tend to. For now, I will focus on today and leave the Universe to do its thing.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

happy holidays...from S&M Market!

our band of misfits :)

stay tuned!!!

I haven't forgotten about ya... there are new things on the horizon that require my undivided attention which has left little time for blogging as of late. But please, keep checking in, more to come soon...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

i can now.....chop wood.

The past two days have been spent getting ready for winter. Something I have never really had to do as an adult. Planting bulbs, raking leaves, and stacking wood on the porch, along with the usual weekend things. Among these "adult chores" I did for the first time today, the most exciting was finally succeeding at chopping wood. I have tried before, but to no avail. Today was the day. No one was around, there were no eyes watching so I went and got a piece that looked like it would split easy and one that was really dry, put it on the block, lined up the ax and just let it drop. I was thoroughly surprised to find that it actually split in half. How completely satisfying.

After feeding the oven all day and a little chili inspiration from Anna, I tossed it all in the pot and into the oven to cook.
Not to worry though... the day wasn't lost to chores...Finn has become quite the frisbee has become a "family event"..Finn doesn't seem to want to perform unless we are all there watching.... thought I would share a little video:
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what a birthday

Upon waking on October 14th I saw this:
which didn't look altogether promising after sleeping out of doors (that's right folks... out of doors) the night prior and being awoken in the middle of the night by a truck, a train, a gate opening and closing and then three more diesel trucks waiting for the gate to be unlocked at dawn.
However, as the steam evaporated and Andy lit up his "camp stove" (there are air quotes around this because, to me, it seemed a bit dicey to be using this home made contraption), things were looking up.

(see what I mean by dicey?)
Between the tea and the sun coming up things were looking much better on the morning I turned 30

And we packed up the car and headed to Vermont for breakfast, leaving behind a beautiful morning in a VT state park somewhere off of 302.
Then we were onto Montreal where we ate ourselves silly and wandered the beautiful city streets. Being the hard core tourists that we were are, we even braved 50 mph winds and driving rains to make it to the Museum for Contemporary Art, however on our way home as Andy grabbed my sleeve just as the wind was about to send me down the Rue de St. Andre, we found ourselves in the doorway of the corner liquor store. This meant hot showers, dry clothes and hot toddies (and a movie and nap). By then we were ready to brave the rains again to find dinner.
Surviving a blustery Montreal and a nine hour drive home (thank you Moth radio)... we returned to a very excited dog and a comfy bed.

Early the next morn, I received a text "pick you up at 11..bring your hiking shoes." Not only did the gals pick me up for a hike..there were mimosas and apples and cheese to snack on once at the top of Beech Hill. These gals really know how to hike...

I must say this tops some of my best my birthday experiences....which says a lot considering they have been spent in Hawaii, New Zealand, France, Oregon, and North Carolina to name a few!
xo to all that made such a beautiful birthday week!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

a few pics from September

wrapping up the farm party spreading out the coals
Andy's set up for a well lit outdoor kitchen
breakfast out of the oven...

A finished frittata ... everything is better when cooked in this oven!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Woke up this morning to Andy skipping inside with the most delicious apple pie that had been left on our front stoop. The culprits? Andy's friends Pat and Stephanie...boy can that girl make one davine pie. Coffee and pie for breakfast. What a perfect way to start a cool fall morning!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

it is fall once again

Just returning from our morning walk my cheeks are still cool from the crisp air. Finishing my coffee and reflecting a bit on the summer that, as Maine summers go, went by in a flash. Preparing for change and a shift in weather. Preparing to go out on my own. Appreciating the love and support of all my friends and family. Trying to stay grounded while in a whirl of information fills my brain. Goodbye summer till next year. Welcome fall!

One of my favorite pictures from the farm party taken by Jamie Bloomquist. (check out his website here) an amazingly talented photographer who graciously shared his photos with us!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

farm party 2

Boy was this oven worked last night. 90 doughs (at least) were tossed, stretched, and rolled onto peels, slid into the oven and presented to the fantastic mass of people who attended last nights party. The beautiful rounds (well mostly round) of molten pizza were consumed faster than we could produced them while some pretty serious blue grass was happening over by the fire pit with banjo's, fiddles, guitars, drums, and beautiful voices.

Thanks to all who attended, and brought the tasty toppings, donated brews and wines, creative energy and great conversation. What an amazing group of friends we have found and are eternally grateful for you all!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

and we burned all night long!

to the garden party
Dough and beer ready for consumption...
an amphitheatre for music and lounging...
first loaf from the oven!!
pure deliciousness...
what a beauty (and check out that amazing door...custom fit)
The garden party was such a success we have already scheduled a second more music, more food, more people, more fire...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

this is why I haven't written:

We started here.....

a memorial to the enormous bullfrog we found when clearing a pad for the foundation (bullfrog is still living, just relocated to the field...he ribbits pretty loud every now and again...)

and ended up here....

(had to show this photo...Andy "put her to bed" so she wouldn't get rained on)
The farm party is right around the more pictures to come!
Oh..and yes I helped..but SOMEONE had to take pictures.....