Sunday, November 14, 2010

i can now.....chop wood.

The past two days have been spent getting ready for winter. Something I have never really had to do as an adult. Planting bulbs, raking leaves, and stacking wood on the porch, along with the usual weekend things. Among these "adult chores" I did for the first time today, the most exciting was finally succeeding at chopping wood. I have tried before, but to no avail. Today was the day. No one was around, there were no eyes watching so I went and got a piece that looked like it would split easy and one that was really dry, put it on the block, lined up the ax and just let it drop. I was thoroughly surprised to find that it actually split in half. How completely satisfying.

After feeding the oven all day and a little chili inspiration from Anna, I tossed it all in the pot and into the oven to cook.
Not to worry though... the day wasn't lost to chores...Finn has become quite the frisbee has become a "family event"..Finn doesn't seem to want to perform unless we are all there watching.... thought I would share a little video:
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!