Tuesday, October 20, 2009

word of the month: COZY

Have I mentioned I love fall?? Have I mentioned I love my home??  With the early setting of the sun and the cool evenings I have found comfort snugging in and reading two really great books:  Autobiography of a Yogi and Wheels of Life (a book on chakras).  There is nothing I want more in the world right now than to read good books, learn great things, and oh yeah, play with Finn!  Life is good on Spruce Head Island. OM and Namaste!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

up date

So, I foolishly assumed that once summer was over, my schedule would slow down just a bit, but with the onset of fall, my life has somehow gotten busier.  I am coming up on my fourth week of teaching the Yoga Club at Rockland High School and it couldn't be better, I have never done anything that felt so rewarding.  Having six girls walk in to my first class, shoulders up around their ears, chewing gum, chatting like crazy and having those same six girls walk out of my class completely relaxed and gooey eyed!  The yoga had worked it's magic.  I am now up to eight students and growing.  They are really taking to the class and bringing friends each time which is fantastic.  So, my landlord Jon (wonderful Jon!) helped me make some blocks to take to class to assist them in their poses (I told him I could probably do it myself if he just showed me how....he smiled at me (I think there was a laugh in there too) and said I could sand them down).  I am so grateful to Jon, I now have beautiful blocks to help the kids along!
I spent today sewing little lavender eye pillows to encourage relaxation during Sivasana (not that they need much more, I have one gal that just falls right into a deep slumber five minutes in!)  But these should help!
I am so in love with teaching yoga, seeing the change in the bodies and faces of these teens after 1 1/2 hours is just magical!  I will be starting a second Yoga for Teens class at a studio downtown Rockland next Wednesday open to teens from all over, I can't wait to begin! Om!  
Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy and enjoying the turning of leaves and the cool breezes.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Happy birthday to my mom!

I feel so lucky to have you as my mother, I thank you so much for being so forgiving, so loving, so supporting, so everything to me.  XOXO.  Have a very happy day!