Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finn, "swimming"

early morning hours at Neeson's

Thursday, August 20, 2009

sad sad sad day

Yup, Anna was on a bus this morning heading back down away from me (so really, who cares where she was going?!! Just kidding momma Clay!)... but what an AMAZING time we had it went by so fast all the cooking, working, hiking, playing, driving, beers at the beach, yoga, chatting, movies, and the list goes on!  She will be sorely missed by not only me but the beast as travels!!  We will see each other soon!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

oh boy....

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....yes, I have noticed it has been almost exactly a month since I posted last, yes I realize that some of you have been checking to see what's up....and yes, I am so so so sorry it has taken this long, but look! There is soooo much to share!  First, the job.  Sweets & Meats Market is off and running.  I am baking five days a week...often six for our ever expanding (and sometimes demanding) clientele.  We are constantly expanding our gluten free line of goodies, which keeps me on my toes, learning new flour substitutes and as of late have had some sugar free recommendations.  There is a lot more to come I have a feeling.    Next, Anna and I attended The Kneading Conference which was a three day bread festival basically where we learned about grains:

beautiful shaping techniques:
and a lot about wood-fired ovens (including how to heat and maintain heat, how to build. . . cobb ovens that is, how to get the most out of your oven fire, how to bake everything from pastries to sourdough loaves, and much, much more!)
We also had an opportunity to FINALLY toast the beginning of summer with our first margaritas!! Ohhhhh and were they good!
And let's not forget a good road trip!
It has been busy and in between all the busy - ness, there has been yoga, yoga, and more yoga, also a lot of reading, playing with Finn, walks to the beach and oh, exhaustion...that's been happening on the occasion.  Not much time for anything else at the moment.  But I must say, there has been growth and happiness and there is room for more!  

Hope this little note finds everyone happy and healthy, I would love to hear from you all!
xoxo and om shanti.