Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introducing.... THE UPROOP PIE CO.!!

Finally... here it is... the plans to my new business venture. To what will hopefully get me through the summer and early fall...

All Andy's secrets blogged about for all to see. (What, they don't make any sense? you don't think you could build a trailer - from scratch- and wood fired oven with these plans?'re crazy! or human?)

So far I have been accepted to the Rockland, Camden, and Union Farmers' Markets (the Union one I am starting up with a friend!) and that will run from Wednesday - Saturdays. Andy just spoke with a local wine maker and he has a beautiful barn on his property and is interested in wine/pizza nights. More to come on that as soon as I chat with him. It is all so exciting. Andy just finished welding and painting the trailer. Next up axels and wheels then the oven... whew!
Cheers to The Uproot Pie Co.!
(oh yes, and I should mention The Uproot Pie Co. is on facebook, that's right, facebook... so go check it out, there are plenty more pictures!)

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